Global Sustainability

As we carve the unprecedented anthropocene into history, “sustainability” is quite a heavy term that has no simple definition.

The open-ended nature of such complex topics yielded the whimsically creative to the starkly scientific.

Yet the bottom line of each work remains the same:

  • Valuing the long-term over the short term

  • Coming together to collectively focus on the “we” over the “me”

  • Addressing the electric, entrophic epiphanies that cause us to become self-aware of the inevitable metamorphosis that needs to occur on the largest scale possible

To express the unique, ever-present themes within these distinct pieces, the formatting and design remains continuous from piece to piece. Simple designs show it’s not about the works themselves, but the underlying dogmas they present. Though upon first read these works seem singular, they are interconnected by guiding principles and ideas woven unparalleled throughout these six pieces of art.

I’d like to dedicate this section to those who will be affected most by our anthropocentric actions: from the diverse flora & fauna our mother earth holds, to vulnerable citizens of our world that dwell on island states or near the equator.

Please enjoy,

Mary Bergen - Department Editor