“Creating music is a way for me to directly channel my emotions, process them, and spit them out as something eerily beautiful. I wrote my first piece when I was 12 but didn’t consider publishing on social media until two years ago. I write because of the peace of mind that it brings me but also to validate the power of vulnerability. I think it’s reassuring to know that the world isn’t as lonely as it feels sometimes and that we’re all walking along similar roads.”


Please be here when I come home

Please be here when I come home

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please be there when i come home


guitar picks and coffee
you know where I'll be
under the weather
rain drenching my letters

because inside is a place that holds darkness
and ever since then my room has been a mess
I'll be back so I feel less alone
so please be there when I come home

quick fix I'm sorry you can't tell your black from white
cake mix and laundry that you haven't done in spite
of being constantly on the verge of tears
I know you haven't felt that way in years

because inside is a place that holds darkness
and ever since then your room has been a mess
but I'll be back so I feel less alone
and I’ll be there when you come home

ice cold skin
your dreams within
you haven't been the same since
I'm sorry you feel that way
and I promise to stay


Through a theme of “time heals pain”, this track depicts someone who is trying to find themselves in dark times. It also infers that individuality can bring us closer together because atypical features can bring out the best in others. Only time, however, can build that mutual bond between people. Alternatively, it encapsulates hoping to be capable of loving oneself.

ghost town

I'm walking through a ghost town
made of places that used to feel like home
hearths that perpetually coast down
faded faces turned to stone

when I see your eyes
they tell me that everything has changed
the icy shore cries
for its land has become estranged 

and I know very well that you left a while back
but I can hardly tell because I've been dressing all black
and finding myself buried 12 feet deep within the surface
I tried to help but I need to sow what I reap and find a purpose

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This song could be perceived as a prediction of humanity’s future; but a vacant and awry land remains. After global warming and worldly conflicts, the state of the Earth in a few years is described by its lyrics. It underlines that time is of essence by personifying bodies of water as well as buildings and showing how mankind has ruined them.



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