Laura Nguyen

Colour My Palate


I’ve always felt a little bit all over the place.


What I really wanted to feel, but what I knew I lacked, was passion. So when the time came to apply to university, my interests were scattered. 

I felt lost.

I knew that I liked using my creativity. I liked sharing my thoughts with others. I enjoyed making connections with people, I aspired to be known, and I wanted to somehow stand out among  the rest.

When I stumbled across the Dietetics program at McGill University, I realized that food and health were the topics that resonated most with me.

 They both fulfilled some kind of need.



From studying science, I had developed a sense of curiosity and a desire to understand the “why” behind everything. And I realized that similar to how my interests were scattered, so too were the aspects surrounding food. Food touches upon so many aspects of living: health, culture, the economy, human behavior, politics. It's an indispensable part of our society. 

My decision was made, and then I wondered ... how can I integrate every aspect of my being into this new field of study?

So, I decided to create a blog.

Over the course of a few months, I mapped out every aspect of my personality, from my hobbies and opinions to my likes and dislikes.



“Colour my Palate” reflects the love that I have for both art and food.



I didn’t want this new project of mine to be just a blog: it was a means of artistic expression, a hub to expand my knowledge of nutrition and health, and a way to convey the different parts of my personality.

I noticed that the promotion of healthy living is abundant, yet the take-away messages often leave the average person feeling confused.

Healthy food seems to have built up the odd reputation that the more ‘exotic’ or ‘funky’ it sounds, the better it is for you. And more often than not, it sounds and is expensive! Promoting these costly ‘health foods’ can often be counterproductive as it draws people away from wanting to make healthier choices. 

Is it really necessary to spend money on [insert mysterious food name] to improve one’s health?

With all of these attitudes and beliefs in mind, I wanted the blog to show people that adopting a healthy lifestyle can be simple, affordable, tasty, and most importantly, fun.

It has been well over a year since my blog launched, and my direction and vision for it have been made a little clearer. Cooking up new recipes, tasting different items, and presenting food in an artistic way make my project all the more fun to work on. However, what really makes it meaningful and worthwhile is sparking the curiosity of others, uncovering common nutrition myths and queries, and communicating with people. Science is constantly progressing, and there's a lot about nutrition that many people—myself included—don't know or understand yet.

laura's submission.jpeg

Colour my palate

My very own colour palette.


I hope to make Colour My Palate an educational platform that simplifies nutrition for all, keeps people well-informed, and pushes everyone to think more critically about what they see and hear online. Take it from your average skeptic!

Throughout its development, Colour My Palate has given me a reason to stay on track when times are hard. It has given me drive. It has given me motivation. It’s something that I want to work on every minute of every day because it never ceases to help me grow, learn, and flourish as a person.




Illustrator & Author: Laura Nguyen - student at McGill's Macdonald campus.