During March 4th-8th 2019, Dietetics & Human Nutrition Undergraduate Society (DHNUS) provided the Macdonald Campus of McGill University with the very first programming of

National Eating Disorder Awareness Week.


Below, you’ll find a couple of instagram posts distributed by @lifelife_unfiltered

ft. McGill Macdonald Campus students.

They touch upon their experience with the mind games that we create, and play on ourselves.


Kristen Sunstrum on LiveLife_Unfiltered

Kristen Sunstrum on LiveLife_Unfiltered



Bianca Loge on LiveLife_Unfiltered

Bianca Loge on LiveLife_Unfiltered




DHNUS encourages all to show their cards every once in a while, and to know that by showing their struggle or imperfections does not render them any less of the competent, brave and beautiful human being they are.

We also believe the conversation surrounding Eating Disorders has not been sufficiently addressed on campus and is only appropriate due to the incidence of university students that struggle with this mental illness.

Dissipating the stigma around this mental illness will work to break down the barriers in receiving help. We especially think this is important for dietetics students, where studies consistently show that students studying in helping professions, such as dietetics, may be the ones needing help themselves.

The DHNUS’ Eating Disorder Awareness Week consisted of many events which aimed to address some factors that may contribute to eating disorders. The primary goal of the week was  to raise awareness and provide access and education about resources for those who are struggling.

We warmly thank all you participated in and supported the week, including our self-care challenge. We believe if we practice making small acts of kindness towards ourselves, perhaps one day that act of kindness might not be so small – and may grant us the permission to seek help for ourselves when we are struggling. Help is the biggest gift we can give ourselves, and we deserve to be well.