Our Team / Notre Équipe


beatrice cooney, editor-in-chief, co-founder.jpg

Beatrice Cooney - Editor in Chief - Co founder

Ignite to me is a family, we have to be. A lot of care goes into what we publish and working together requires trust. Each piece on this website has been worked on by editors, artists, copy editors, and more. We do it because we are so proud of the people around us.

It’s been an honour to share these amazing minds with the rest of the world.

misghana kassa, creative director, co-founder.jpg

Misghana Kassa - Creative Director - co founder

The collective has grown to heights that were dreamed of, and this process has been extremely enlightening. It has been such a pleasure working with individuals that are exemplar of the creative capacity of Macdonald Campus. An experience that has pushed my creative portfolio, I am ecstatic to be publishing our second issue with great pride.  

Faculty Editors

Alyshia Guan, Health and Nutrition Editor, Co-founder.jpg

Alyshia Guan - Lifestyle & Health - co founder

I like to explore people’s beliefs, and I’m obsessed with asking questions. Ignite is a manifestation of the curiosity I have for the human condition, as well as a platform for others to explore their own. And about this team? Beatrice and I rave about them every time we hang out.

It’s been so much fun exploring together every monday at 10:30am.

Fleur Allé, Art and Music Editor.jpg

Fleur Allé - Arts and Music

I attach a great significance to imagination and creativity in life. This might be one of the reasons why I particularly enjoyed being part of Ignite this year. I loved collaborating with our artists, and I can’t describe how happy I was to take care of such amazing contributions.

I want to thank all the Ignite team, I am really proud of what we achieved to create, all together.

I also particularly thank all the Ignite contributors, for not being afraid to share intimate and beautiful parts of their lives.

Finally, I want to thank all the Ignite readers, who allow us to strengthen and deepen the connections within the Mac community.

Please take the time to enjoy this issue!


Mary Bergen - Global Sustainability

Helping our wonderfully creative students cultivate their passions has been such a beautiful experience. Learning and growing with collaborators has opened up so many opportunities to encounter challenging ideas and provided the chance for us to flourish and showcase the collective sentiments of our campus.

sean clarke, science and tech editor.jpg

Sean Clarke - Science & Technology

My role at Ignite stems from a place of curiosity. I wanted to know what it meant to work with contributors in bringing their thoughts and ideas to life. My experiences as an editor and working member of a dedicated collective have surpassed all expectations. My favourite part of it all? The people. The Ignite team and our many contributors have worked steadily, behind the scenes, to bring you our latest issue. Enjoy!

I promise… I’m a lot more excited about this than my head-shot suggests.

Copy Editors


Stephanie Bourassa - French

Pour moi, travailler avec Ignite a été rempli de belles expériences et d’opportunités uniques. Notre équipe bilingue et dynamique m’a permis de vivre des moments incroyables et de rendre le processus de publication très agréable. J’ai beaucoup utilisé le franglish cette session, au sein d’Ignite, et malgré que cela rendait les choses légèrement plus complexes, j’en ai apprécié chaque moment. L’édition de cette année rejoint énormément la communauté de Mac, grâce aux oeuvres diverses autant en français qu’en anglais qui s’y retrouvent. J’espère que vous allez tous l’adorer autant que moi, et que vous serez bombardés d’idées et de pensées en franglish!

yu-shing ni, copy editor (EN).jpg

Yu-Shing Ni - English

Joining Ignite has proved far more than fixing a comma here and a semicolon there: It’s been an awesome adventure collaborating with this brilliant team to create a tangible expression of the Mac community’s creativity and individuality. Contributors, editors, and artists have worked tirelessly to mold their ideas into pieces–that I’m excited we to get to share and experience–which I definitely think shows in the magazine. My hope is for everyone to feel a part of this Collective in any way they desire. Happy reading/listening/watching, dear friends!


alex, social media director.jpg

Alex Boccanfuso - Director of communications

I'm the guy that writes most of those social media posts everyone has been raving about! I joined Ignite because it is THE thing to do in the 21st century. In all seriousness, I joined Ignite because it is fun, dynamic and lead by a great team of people.


Visual Artists

megumi randall, artist.jpg

Megumi Randall

Ignite Magazine has been an amazing experience this semester. Not only has it been a sort of “art therapy” to distract me from the stresses and monotony of schoolwork, but it has also brought the Collective, as well as the student body, closer as a family.

Seeing some incredible work from various students of this campus has… ahem… IGNITED my passion for art, and made me realize how much-hidden talent there is out there. I hope this issue inspires others to embrace their imagination and to never abandon their creative pursuits.

donna, artist.jpg

Donna Jiang

I first saw the poster of IGNITE when I walked out of the CaPS office in my U1 year, wondering how I could still do something related to art while studying dietetics which seems to have nothing to do with it. So when I saw the poster of IGNITE, I was thrilled and joined the team without hesitation. It feels great to do arts not just for personal leisure but for sharing inspiration as well, and it has been a great fun to work with the team! Mac is not just farm and forest after all! I am glad to find out this fact though IGNITE. 

Portraits shot with care by our very own Alyshia Guan