Time. One of its many definitions is, “the measured or measurable period during which an action exists or continues to exist”. Such idea embodies and trace the events happening in the different aspects of our daily lives. While an event can start and end in the blink of an eye, another can last a lifetime. Some “instants” stretch for an indefinite period of time. Continuously recurring, resurging back to the surface. Withstanding time. Chronic.

But what if the mind cannot recall those events. What if memories lost their presence in the conscious, forgotten, lost. What if the experiences and situations that molded and forged the human cannot be reminisced by his own mind. A disease that is chronic yet causes memories to fade away, evanesce, vanish. Alzheimer’s disease.  

As the human evolve and grow, memories are built and constructed. They follow their carrier and influence their decision-making. With Alzheimer’s, imagine as if a body continued its way, never stopping from moving onward, while his memories ceased to follow suit. Leaving behind what once reflected the very foundation of its being.  

We take for granted our control over our mind. Element that allow for thought, consciousness, awareness. Following us through our journey. Yet we fail to grasp its control over its own destination. Its will of its own. Wandering on its own. Insurgent, rebellious.  Memories, once tamed, when called upon, arise to the surface, now have a different say. Lurking in the shadows, out of reach, far from grasp, using of their free will, challenging their carrier in their tedious, unsuccessful attempt of reclaiming control.

In the midst of this adversity, one should not succumb to it as a fatality, and fight the disease before it arrives. Preventing its appearance. A path, less traveled by, is nutrition. This fast evolving science, embodies the prominent intertwined relationship between metabolism and regulation of gene function. Greatly impacting the functioning of the body. Double-edged sword, nutrition can be an enemy or an ally, helping the disease steal your body or help the latter vanquish it.  

While acute illnesses can be either fatal or cured, chronic diseases can only be managed. Contained and restrained from spreading onwards. They cannot be prevented by vaccine nor cured by medication. A one disease – one target – one drug paradigm is facing limitations against multifactorial diseases, and medicine is yet to acquire the next revolutionizing treatment to end this disease burden.

Hence while waiting for the unveiling of innovative and pioneering discoveries, mastering of our pharmaceutical & medicinal field, nutrition, can help maximize the functioning of mind and body, and prevent defects. An ally that can help trace events. Compose and anchor memories. That when called upon, resurge back to the surface. Withstanding time. Chronic.