Ticking Time Bomb 

Text & Artwork by Stéfanie Larose

Photography by Miranda Steacy


Friday, March 15th, 2019

Climate Strike, Montréal



As I marched alongside friends and thousands of other people, it felt obvious to me that climate change should be a priority, but in reality it’s not. For those who are filled with anxiety because of climate change, it seems like there is no sense of urgency in policy. Yes, we hear about it all the time and yet it seems that too little is being done.



The governments charged with serving their people do not comprehend that we are sitting on a ticking time bomb and that we are demanding tangible change. It is not only a environmental issue but a social one, as it will affect every single person with the most vulnerable being the people most at risk. Climate change does not care what race, religion, sexual orientation, or even what language you speak–if you’re in its way…well, R.I.P. Climate change is our common denominator.



We are sucking our planet dry and once again, we need to stop talking about it–says the woman writing this article–and actually implement a drastic change in the way we manage our resources and confront issues that involve every being on this planet.



As citizens, we need to understand that time is a precious thing. Every moment should be used in society to evolve wrongs towards rights, be it curbing habitat loss and restoring biodiversity or shifting status quo from food waste to food security. It’s time to unite our actions into a collective movement for change. This is one of the greatest powers we have. Social activism - through protests, writing, or even art - has a track record of initiating progress. Change always begins with passionate individuals such as ourselves.



Government, on the other hand, must not trivialize time as a funny thing. It’s something we think we have enough of, but we often forget that it is slipping away. Very soon, time will be sucked dry too.


What will you do about it? This is the question you should be asking yourself at this point because…



P.S. I’m an optimist, not a pessimist :)