Submission Guidelines


Submission Guidelines:

Do I need a finished piece to submit to Ignite?

–    Submissions do not need to consist of completed pieces, although you should be able to tell us: “what are you trying to say with your submission” and outline the points you’d like to address throughout your piece. Your piece should ignite curiosity within yourself.  

What format does Ignite accept?

–    The perks of being an online platform is that we accept almost any format of submission: music, scanned paintings, videos, gif, prose, narratives, academic work, etc.

 Which Topics does Ignite cover?

–    Art and Music; explorations, compositions, entertainment, movies, critiques, book reviews…

–    Science and Tech; biotechnology, machine learning, apps, product design, startups, breakthrough technology…

–    Global Sustainability; sustainable designs, global warming, policy issues…

–    Lifestyle and Health; the human condition, self-actualization, longevity, nutrition, travel experiences, active lifestyle…

How can I submit?

–    To have your submission considered, fill out this form (at latest) by February 28th 2019 at 11:59pm. If your submission aligns with the theme of Ignite, we will connect you with your respective faculty editor to get started on the publishing process.

Should my topic follow a theme?

–  Absolutely, Ignite’s theme in 2019 is time.

This earth has been shaped by faith in the supernatural and the study of the natural. We are now living in a newly defined epoch, describing the era forged by humans: the Anthropocene. As we continue to mold this universe, how is time changing the language of arts, science, sustainability, and health?