ISSUE I

words from a few editors. 



Alyshia Guan

The vision is to ignite a drive for creativity and important dialogue at McGill's Macdonald Campus.

I wanted to open a vista to this rather strange campus in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, not so mystically far from the Roddick Gates. This is a passionate community that is present in its natural surroundings and actively wishes to conserve it. Such fervent, selfless want is so rare and so important to share beyond this campus. We hope that community members will continue to open up and not let their voices be subdued by uncertainties and seemingly endless responsibilities. 

We hope to continuously improve and expand the online magazine. We've focused intently on enriching the interaction between the artist and the reader—we hope that you'll be able to feel that within these pages. 

It was wild building this collective from scratch & the support has been unreal. There are so many people to appreciate, but first: Misghana, who supplied the ignition to the initiative, and Beatrice, who coerced its completion with so much grace. 


Beatrice Cooney

The first conversation Alyshia and I ever had was about Ignite. Two days later we were sketching maps to a magazine. 

Her genuine excitement about this collective is contagious and inspiring. It’s the reason I wanted to get involved, it’s probably the reason a lot of people wanted to get involved. Not to mention that
without Misghana's creative genius, none of this would have been possible 

There’s been no lack of behind the scenes work to make these ideas possible. The drive of our talented artists and committed writers is a testament to mac. So much love, and care, has been put into these pages to create something relevant to the rest of our community. After all the editing, drafting, sketching, and endless meetings we now present to you the very very late first edition of IGNITE magazine. We could not be more proud of the result. 

Misghana Kassa

Ignite has been a shapeshifting collective that has taken its form as a magazine displaying ideas, positions, and interpretations of creatives at Mac. The encouragement of our intimate community and the eager nature of those who submitted pieces has powered and driven the creative hub that this collective has become. By supplying a platform for artists and writers, we're striving to share new ideas and drive change in the world. I have great admiration for the passion and time that has gone into this project and for the helpfulness of various individuals that have each contributed to the conception of this issue.

Thank you.