Kristen Sunstrum 

Fall Contrast




The leaves beneath our worn canvas shoes are delicately trampled, releasing sweet, smoky, earthy fragrances. A monochromatic  carpet of fallen leaves covers the ground. We look up, and the crisp air warms our cheeks and arrests our breath.


The leaves are being trampled beneath our feet at a greater pace, less delicate than before. The wind is on the back of our necks, creeping up, consuming us.


We are flooded with warmth, nearly instantaneously. Our hands trace slivered wooden baskets. The smell of cinnamon apples surrounds us, and smiles defrost our faces. We pick a lopsided, burnt-orange pumpkin, dark red apples, and forest-green kale.

Monochromatic no more. 

Mac Market, Macdonald Campus Student-Run Ecological Gardens, the Permaculture Showcase Garden, and the various farmers’ markets in the Montreal area provide us with this contrast:

Fresh, local, colourful and delicious produce on a dreary fall day.


Aside from providing an escape on a Sunday afternoon, purchasing local also has environmental, social, economic, and psychological effects. 



Our favourite fall dishes, each composed of at least one ingredient from local markets or gardens.

Pumpkin cinnamon glazed buns

Harvest “glory” bowl + earthy tahini dressing

Pumpkin almond parfait with coconut cream

Sweet and savoury acorn squash

Curried butternut celery soup


Photographer & author: Kristen Sunstrum - A student at mcgill's macdonald campus